Meet & Compare

One stop workshop to meet with 60 hotels for your corporate meetings... without leaving Shanghai

Special Deals

Discover and enjoy hotels special deals specifically crafted for your corporate meetings

Enjoy & Win

Lunch and afternoon high tea to meet & network. Lucky draw alert... room vouchers and specials prizes to win!

Searching For an Hotel for Your Next Corporate Meeting?

1000Meetings has hand picked 60 hotels and negotiated unique benefits / discounts for you.
Come and discover the destination of your next corporate meeting!

Meet with Hotels & Enjoy Deals

Workshop will start at 10:00 am and within 6 hours of time, you will be able to

  • make appointments and meet with 60 top hotels all across China
  • enjoy on site from hotel exclusive deals for your event
  • enjoy a lunch and coffee break during the event
... and get a chance to win lucky draw... room vouchers and special prize alert!


Entrance is free of charge, you need to register before attending. Number of attendants is limited, please make sure to register online today.


Limited capacity
Make sure to register today.
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